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Pure İskele Villas are located in İskele, which has one of the most magical and breathtaking natural views, just 500 metres away from the sea.


İskele, which has become one of the most talked-about regions in the TRNC, has a rapidly-growing fanbase, thanks to its untouched and pristine nature. It has become the centre of attention for locals and foreigners alike with crystal-clear waters and clean air which has become a trademark of the region over the years.

Fill your life with the scents of the sea and the forest breeze!

Only 1 minute away from İskele McKenzie Beach, Pure İskele Villas is close to the beach, walking trail, and forest. The villas are located on the most frequented route of the TRNC, giving you the perfect advantage in terms of transport and accessibility.

Pure İskele Villas offers all the colours of the Mediterranean, built on a total area of 20,000 m² and consisting of 28 detached villas with exchange title deeds.

Inspiring through simplicity.

Each modern villa is built on 500 m² plots boasting a total indoor area of 195 m². And if that’s not enough, each villa comes with its very own private swimming pool 18 m² wide, and a terrace 65 m² wide, both of which have a picturesque sea view, of course.

Our luxury modern villas, inspired by the purity of İskele, are guaranteed to inspire you, too, with their simple yet elegant design.

Step into a life of privilege.

Designed by AKOL Group with every detail in mind at high standards, Pure İskele Villas present the gift of a healthy and bright interior (and future) with rooms that let the sunshine in all day long.

The project, designed for maximum comfort, not just for you, but also for your guests, consists of 3 bedrooms, including a primary bedroom. With colour options for parquet and ceramics, you can customize your villa to reflect your own personal style and taste.

Pure İskele Villas stands out with the simple yet modern architectural design, inviting you to step foot into a new life full of pleasure and privilege where you can live peacefully among all the colours of the Mediterranean.

  • Colour options for parquet and ceramics
  • High-gloss kitchen cabinets
  • Natural marble stairs
  • Aluminium double glazing
  • Marbelite countertops
  • A/C infrastructure

Ground Floor Features

Hall – 12 m²

Living Room – 38 m²

Dining Room – 17 m²

Kitchen – 17 m²

Staircase  – 12 m²

WC – 4 m²




Total Indoor Area – 100  

First Floor Features

Parents Bedroom – 21 m²

Parents WC – 4 m²

Dressing Room  – 5 m²

Bedroom #1 – 16 m²

Bedroom #2 – 16 m²

WC/Bathroom – 8 m²

Hall and Staircase – 20 m²



Total Indoor Area – 90  

Second Floor Features

Staircase – 15 m²

Terrace – 65 m²








Total Indoor Area – 15  

Stand Out Features

Private Pool – 18 m²

Closed Area – 205 m²

Ground Floor Terraces – 70 m²

First Floor Terraces – 65 m²

Total Gross Area – 340 m²





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Layout Plan

Pure İskele Villas Introduciton Film

Payment and Delivery

Whether you are buying a home for investment or living, we offer you tailored payment plans and payment methods during the payment process.

As Akol Group, we offer you different payment plans for the real estate you want to buy. You can make your payments with different options during your payment plan, which we have specially shaped for your financial plans and budget.

In addition to bank loans, you can facilitate your payment process with many options such as medium and long-term payment plans, swap payments. Moreover, the opportunity to collect crypto money is waiting for you!

You can contact us to determine your special payment plan and to get more detailed information about payment methods.

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